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Identita provides unbreakable, turn-key identity authentication solutions to organizations requiring absolute customer identification.

Security, and in particular identity verification, is the foundation of virtually all personal transactions, from phone banking to Government service delivery. The inability to provide absolutely secure, irrepudiable identification of individuals costs financial institutions billions of dollars annually, prevents innovative development of enterprise VOIP applications, and undermines the consumer confidence necessary for the widespread adoption of electronic commerce. Identita's solutions are not only extremely secure, but are also the most highly cost-effective identity authentication systems available typically half the cost of other solutions and offering a much higher level of security. Identita's solutions can be deployed rapidly across existing infrastructure and integrate seamlessly with existing security frameworks and protocols. Identita's partners can dramatically expand their range of offerings with the following turn-key identity authentication solutions:

Authentication for:
  •  Credit Card Validation 
  •  High Net Worth
  •  Private Banking
  •  Call Centres & VOIP
  •  Telephone Banking 
  •  E-Commerce
  •  Digital Rights 
  •  Management Hospitality Services 
  •  Transport Services
  •  Roadside Assistance
  •  Telemedicine 
  •  Remote Medical Prescription 
  •  Loyalty Programs
  •  Motor Registration & Licencing
  •  Restricted Access Networks Restricted Access Buildings & Work Areas
  •  Passport Issuance 
  •  National Identification Cards
  •  Mobile Phones & Wireless Devices
For companies working in these and other sectors requiring secure identity authentication, Identita offers a complete solution which can be deployed through our partners and resellers as part of their total service offering. Identita is committed to the success of our partners. We place tremendous value on the relationships that our partners have with their clients, and work tirelessly with our partners to ensure the absolute satisfaction of the client organization. 

Identita Partnership Program 

The Identita Partnership Program offers the tools you need to successfully market and implement Identita's identity authentication solutions. Identita's Partner Support Group provides a range of high quality technical services to Identita's partners. The team is drawn from Identita's engineering department and has the expertise to help you deliver turn-key authentication solutions to your clients. With extensive experience working with Identita's partner community, the Partner Support Group provides an end-to-end service: from establishing the contractual framework for engagement, providing technical expertise, implementing pilots, to production of customized transmission devices, modifying client's web sites and providing integration to a client's call centres and VOIP applications. A key role of the Partner Support Group is to accelerate project implementations being primed by our partners. In these collaborative projects, partners are given the highest visibility of progress for any supprt requests made to Identita.

Helpdesk support

Web-based tracking provides a way for partners to request support services 24x7, and also includes a helpdesk facility for providing rapid resolution of technical issues, and answers to questions and challenges. This support is also available by telephone. Identita's helpdesk support is backed by our Partner Program Service Level Agreemen

  1. response and allocation to a consultant within one working day 
  2. resolution, or plan for resolution, in a further two working days

This is our guaranteed minimum level of service. Wherever possible, answers to your questions and resolutions to your issues will be provided immediately

On-site consultancy

Identita can provide on-site consultancy to meet the specific needs of partners and their clients. This collaborative approach is particularly effective in larger, more complex engagements where the client's project may benefit from the experience of Identita's engineers. 


Identita's Partner Support Group regularly develops and publishes marketing materials, support documentation, technical white papers and architectural specifications for the full range of identity authentication project types. Much of this documentation can be provided by the partner directly to the client in support of project proposals and bids. Identita has two partner programs, the Platinum Program and the Affiliate Program.

Partner Program The Platinum Partner Program is a program for companies with a technology, service or strategic position that is key to the success of identity authentication in the market.

Affiliate Partner Program 

The Affiliate Partner Program recognizes the many application, service and content providers worldwide whose sales, business development and after-market contributions are vital to the continued success of Identita.

  • Platinum Program benefits include:
  • Wide range of commercial services, as well as privileged access to Identita senior management
  • A named partner manager and marketing representative to ensure priority delivery to partners of PR and joint promotional activities
  • Exclusive use of the Identita Partner program logo
  • On-line and printed listings in the Identita Platinum Partner Directory
  • Attendance for three people to the Identita Partner Event once each year
  • Participation in the Identita Technology Showcase CD publiched twice each year
  • Exclusive access to key market channels, with opportunities to meet with Identita clients, reference accounts and other partners
  • Priority access to key market channels and pre-market showcase opportunities, including joint marketing, conferences, exhibitions and PR activities
  • Demonstration and presentation opportunities at Identita Expo events worldwide
  • Access to the Platinum Partner Extranet for up to 20 of your staff
  • Enrollment in Identita Solution Segments. Each solution segment is owned by the primary thought leader within Identita who creates and delivers strategy to the Identita community and to the industry within that segment. Current solution segments include Credit Card Form Factors, VOIP, E-Commerce, Digital Rights Management, Motor Registration & Licensing and Wireless Authentication
  • Joint business planning in light of opportunities and challenges identified by the partne
Affiliate Program benefits include:

  • Identita Partner program logo
  • Listing in the online partner area of Identita's corporate web site
  • Invitations to participate in feedback sessions, development projects and pilot programs.
  • Listing in a dedicated directory circulated twice annually to clients, potential clients and partners
  • One entry ticket per year to the Identita Partner Event.
Join the Partnership Program 
We hope that you'll join us in delivering the security revolution that is Identita a paradigm shift in authentication technology that provides the most secure form of identity verification available. 

Together with our partners, Identita will play a pioneering role in eliminating credit card fraud, identity theft, unauthorized document and network access, fraudulent telephone banking transactions, insecure electronic commerce, illegal, unsafe ordering of pharmaceuticals and a plethora of other issues which until now have undermined the potential of most electronic personal transactions. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Identita community. 

For more information please contact, Identita's Partnership Program Director at partnership@identita.com or call us on +1-905-738-8999.

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