IoT APplications & cloud Management

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Most of the current large-scale IoT projects identified are in industrial settings (141 projects), followed by Smart City (128) and Smart Energy IoT projects. The Americas make up most of those projects (44%), followed by Europe (34%). There are large differences when looking at individual IoT segments and regions. The Americas and particularly Northern America is strong in Connected Health (61%) and Smart Retail (52%), while the majority of Smart City projects are located in Europe (47%). The Asia / Pacific region is particularly strong in the area of Smart Energy projects (25%).

The more interesting projects we've outlined below:

• Smart Home Automation clearly stands out, ranking as highest Internet of Things application on all measured channels. More than 60,000 people currently search for the term “Smart Home” each month.

Identita has recently entered this market with a variety of products aimed at simplifying a homeowner's life called Secure@Home:

• The DoorPuck™ can be used in conjunction with Identita's Smart Home installation to enable foolproof biometric access to your home or condo!
• End to End Home Management platform for service providers
• Acts as platform for providing extensive range of services:

     • Security
     • Safety & Home Automation
     • Cloud based
     • Interactive mobile app
     • Do it yourself installation & Self monitoring capabilities
     • Professional monitoring integration
     • Flexible business models

Identita Secure@Home