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How Identita’s business partners may expand their range of flexible solutions by integrating our secure powered card authentication with their existing product and service offerings: Identita’s powered card authentication helps to increase process efficiencies wherever there is a need for secure transactions such as:

  • enabling rapid permission-based access in restricted environments 
  • payment authorization (e-banking, e-payment, credit and debit cards) 
  • communications (telephone cards) and online/remote transfer of financial information or confidential records 
  • digital rights management 
  • document management security 
  • building access control and network access convergence 
  • call center consolidation 
  • VoIP authentication and secure call setup/encryption 
  • telemedicine and remote prescription authorization 
  • any other form of personal identity confirmation 

Most communications devices and appliances need embedded security beyond the single-factor “static user name and password” combination, however, introducing additional levels of security has traditionally meant inconvenience and reduced ease-of-use. Identita’s solution incorporates higher levels of security through encryption and dynamic acoustic signature recognition. Powered card authentication is better than smart card, USB or time-based tokens because it is more flexible and widely prevalent on most existing communications devices that can capture sound, including PC’s, PDA’s, wireline and mobile phones. Identita’s encrypted acoustic signature eliminates the imperfections of speech recognition and voice biometrics. A unique audio signal (audio encrypted cards) using dynamic passwords is generated each time by the user and can be read using standard microphones built-in to most electronic devices, thereby avoiding the need for specialized reading devices. 

There are patents pending on Identita’s revolutionary enabling technology and the physical form factor has been conveniently reduced to the size of a credit card which is secure, flexible, compact and easy-to-use. Identita’s technology is not limited to a credit card form factor and this easy to use, multi-channel authentication can be incorporated into acoustic keyfobs and even travel documents such as e-passports. 

Benefits include:

  • Time savings in authentication (greater security with up to 90% reduction in time taken to confirm identity of user) 
  • Cost reductions in payment and registration transactions - for example, bypass credit card payments at universities by enabling student debit card payments 
  • Greater productivity of support staff - multiple levels of triage avoided and wait times reduced, enabling a lower staff headcount (e.g. call centers could reduce staffing and communications costs by up to 80% by offering clients a self-serve option) 
  • Support for backwards compatibility with existing technologies and infrastructure such as RFID, magstripe and barcodes makes it possible to incorporate all such functionality on a single multipurpose card. 

Like constructing an express lane on a busy highway, Identita allows its partners and resellers to offer an upgraded range of flexible solutions incorporating Identita into their existing range of products and service offering. 

 Sampling of target industry segments: 

  •  Financial Institutions such as Banks, Investment Firms and Insurance companies 
  • Healthcare Facilities, including Hospitals, Clinics and Fitness Clubs 
  • Hotels, Resorts, Travel Companies and other Hospitality Firms 
  • Retail Loyalty Program 
  • Real Estate Firms, Property Management Companies and High-Rise Office/Residential Buildings 
  • Government Offices, Airports, Defense Establishments, Universities and Educational Institutions 
  • High-Security and Restricted-Access Business Environments such as Software and IT Development, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Plants

Incorporating Identita’s flexible authentication solution into your suite of products and services opens up a world of smart card opportunities.

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