IDTouch™ ECG biometrics

Biometric identification and authentication is a stable field of science, dealing with the determination or verification of individual identity using physiological characteristics. Biometric authentication characteristics, unlike identification codes or passwords, cannot be lost, forgotten or transferred and are always in possession of the individual. 

The ideal biometric identification technology should be highly accurate, non-invasive, simple to implement, and resistant to spoofing. Identita has developed its revolutionary IDTouch™ technology to answer the need for a cost-effective, user-friendly biometrics system that provides maximum reliability and confidence. 

 Identita’s IDTouch™ technology is based on dynamic electrophysiological (ECG) characteristics of the living body. These signals are naturally emitted by different systems of the human body (such as the heart and the nervous system) and share numerous common characteristic features.

ID-Touch is the first and only card of its kind to identify the user via bio-electric signals unique to the registered cardholder. The user places two fingers on the card’s sensors, verifying their identity by measuring biometric data, such as heart rate and electrical impulses. The data is stored on the card itself, rather than in a third-party location, which not only enables faster deployment of the card, but also makes it the first biometric card to allow users to self-register their data. Once the card is activated, it will not respond to anyone but the registered user, making it virtually impossible to fool. Because ID-Touch reads comprehensive bio-electrical data, rather than relying solely on any one biological component, its functionality is not affected by changes in body temperature or heart rate. Unlike fingerprint biometrics, ID-Touch cannot be spoofed and requires a live subject for authentication. Some of the incredible benefits of this new modality are: 

• Self-enrolment allows for anyone, anywhere to enroll themselves to their card without having to divulge personal biometric data to an outside system. The biometric  data is stored and encrypted on the card itself.
• Self-powered. Allows for the first time, a true mobile biometric solution without the requirement of a third-party reading device or pc. ID Touch also incorporate super      power saving features and can last for three years unlike fingerprint biometric cards. 
• Can be combined with other powerful features like OTP (display one time pass or acoustic OTP).
• Credit card READY. A fully embossable design designed to work with any credit or debit card solution.

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