In a competitive marketplace, customer retention and loyalty is key for long-term success. 

Magnetic strip cards and stamp cards have been commonly used for over 15 years, but have not been proven to be effective in increasing sales. Identita’s powered card products are specially designed to promote the business the customer is trying to promote. 

Increase Revenue 
Improve revenue by making it easier for current customers to spend and give gifts. New customers come and spend in your store or online when they receive gift cards. 

Enhanced Security 
As an added feature, Identita can add security to your loyalty card that will allow your customers to purchase online or over the telephone using a simple, secure press of a button. 

Your Gift Cards can be activated at the point-of-sale, at home over the internet or via any telepone or mobile handset. Allowing you to merchandise them openly and encourage impulse purchasing. Identita’s state of the art time-based OTP (one time pass) is the ultimate consumer confidence builder.

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