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Identita is a boutique security firm specializing in biometric access control solutions. We offer a complete credential management solution including both hardware tokens and client server application software. The company’s research and development has culminated in the creation of breakthrough next generation powered smart cards in a credit card format. Identita currently manufactures an audio smart card and a display card (OTP) in this credit card format. We have also released biometric variations which are available in fingerprint and ECG , the first and only card of its kind to identify the user via bioelectric signals unique to the registered cardholder. Building on our expertise in embedding electronics into small formats, including authentication and secure communications, Identita has also developed custom products for clients around the world. The company’s solutions can be used for corporate security, E-commerce, education, government, healthcare, banking, finance, gaming, and mobile industries to name some. Browse our website and then contact us to discuss your requirements.


With biometrics you know that the individual accessing secure areas or information is not just an individual holding the proper credential, but is in fact the person who has been granted access.

Secure Designs

Recognition of security as a key dimension of high-quality software development is dangerously underrated. The challenge is in the learning curve. Identita bridged this gap long ago. Identita's experience was derived from real-world enterprise installations.

Mobile Security

You must consciously design security into your app or
service from the very beginning, and make it a conscious part of
the entire process from design through implementation, testing, and
release. Identita's apps and utilities are nearly unbreakable..

Global Experience

Identita CEO Rocky Stefano appears on the world-wide syndicated broadcast World Business Review with General Norman Schwarzkopf. Watch below.


Every day, nearly 4000 cyber attacks are bound to occur globally and in 2019, there was a record of 1.79 billion hacked user accounts. In 2021, researchers found that 1 in every 2 American users suffered an account breach. Anyone can be the victim in today’s interconnected digital landscape where our personal and financial information is just a few clicks away. Therefore, ensuring robust online security has become more critical than ever before.

North America was the continent most affected by data breaches in 2015, accounting for 1,287 or 77 percent of breaches in the world
Accidental loss of data records accounted for 36% of all records lost (257.7 million) due mainly to the United States government’s loss of more than 191 million voter records.
There were 238 incidents last year exposing more than 46.3 million records
State-sponsored attacks totaled 33 in 2015, for 2% of the total. These breaches involved 107.7 million records (15%). It’s notable that the number of records is fairly high given the relatively low number of state-sponsored breaches.
Hacktivists conducted 36 attacks (2.1% of the total), which accounted for 30.6 million records exposed


Identita's comprehensive EchoSystem© Identity Management Platform enables organizations to easily deploy and manage secure identities, and reliably maintain consistent identity data across the company to control access and how access is used.

Any Platform Anywhere Anytime

Identita’s comprehensive Identity Management Platform enables your organization to easily deploy and manage secure identities and reliably maintain consistent identity data across your company to control access—and to control how access is used.

Safely extend access to sensitive corporate resources to employees, partners, suppliers, and customers. Manage who or what application has access to what parts of your business. Achieve more effective corporate governance, and provable legislative and regulatory compliance. EchoSystem enables managing multiple types of identities across complex heterogeneous environments, including unique identities required for Web services applications and devices handling internal and external transactions.

Easily manage your devices and users through any secure Web browser. Identita’s EchoSystem Identity Management administration interface is easily accessed through the Internet, requiring no special software or proprietary tools to manage your devices and usage remotely. Remote admin features include full user notification and management of device status, access privileges, event logs, PIN codes, linked accounts and profiles, and more.

Identita’s Andromeda Appliance is a J2EE based back-end with a truly complete feature set:

  • Supports multiple smart card and token types, including OATH and OATH-OCRA based tokens
  • Immune to phishing and pharming through a comprehensive secure end to end protocol
  • High availability
  • Full Unicode support for any language. Supports Arabic and Asian languages
  • A complete Radius server written entirely in Java
  • Supports Active Directory, Novell NDS and LDAP directories
  • Supports most popular database formats 
Pipeline Architecture. The server architecture is based on a pipeline processing design. Requests and responses pass through a chain of modules (pipeline) giving the module a chance to act on the requests and/or alter responses. This patterns made it very easy to change and alter server behavior and tweak it to suit different business needs without altering any core code-base. To extend an existing business case to meet a customer need, we do not need to modify server code…simply re-configure the pipeline.

Dynamic Use-case Support. The server allows for dynamically adding new business use cases that were never supported before without altering or affecting any existing components. The vertical design of use case processing makes it very easy to support use cases as they become available.

Pluggable Endpoints. In anticipation for upcoming new communication protocols, the server supports a pluggable-endpoint pattern that allows the server to communicate using any communication protocol/media without affecting the server internal processing and without requiring and changes to existing code base.

Multiple Hosting Environments. The whole server is designed so that it can be easily hosted inside any kind of host application. The hosting shell is completely independent of the server business code. The server can be hosted as easily inside a Windows Service, Unix Daemon, Command Line Application, or even embedded inside other applications and frameworks.

Unlimited Scaling-out Capability. One goal of the design was to allow the server to scale-out. Hence, the current design does not require any server-side state or session data to be saved on server. In theory, you could have un-limited number of server instances running in a farm and load-balance the processing of requests. There is no server-affinity, hence a client may start a session with one server instance and continue using the same session even if that server instance crashed and load-balancer assigned the client to a different instance.

Our products

Acoustic Cards

This powered card emits a unique audible tone, which the authentication server verifies before granting access.

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Display Cards

This powered card emits a unique digital sequence that the authentication server verifies before granting access.

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USB Key Fobs

Identita creates custom USB devices for a variety of purposes ranging from encrypted storage to authentication and biometrics.

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Biometric Cards

By extending Identita's powered cards to three-factor identification Identita's customers end up with the ultimate in security.

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Identita’s powered loyalty cards pave the way for next generation marketing campaigns.

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Custom Micro Embedded Devices

Identita’s experience allows it to create works of embedded art. Protecting medical devices from cyber threats is our specialty.

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Identita’s cyber-hardened cryptographic application designed around a low-latency homomorphic encryption scheme that protects all your data whether at rest or in real-time

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IDTouch™ ECG

Identita’s IDTouch ECG™ technology is based on dynamic electrophysiological characteristics of the living body. These signals are naturally emitted by different systems of the human body (such as the heart and the nervous system) and share numerous common characteristic features.

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Automotive Security & Safety

Identita's vehicle security and ergonomics research deals with the physical interaction of motor-vehicle occupants with the vehicle interior during normal operating conditions.

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We could talk for hours about how good we are and efficient but your opinion will always be the truest and most important to us.

At Identita, we believe that our success is linked to the success of our business partners

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