By extending Identita's facial recognition and authentication using our custom megapixel ip cameras, government and commercial enterprises can securely verify and certify the identities of anyone seeking physical or logical access. 

The combination of powered cards and facial recognition technologies will dramatically improve Identita recognition success rate and the continued improvement of its machine learning algorithms.

Some of Identita’s latest biometric designs have incorporated radical new features which our customer base has been asking for many years. Some of these features include: 

  • real-time facial recognition 
  • real-time facial analytics
  • real-time measurement of expressions (happiness, surprise and anger) 
  • Future improvements slated include age, gender, ethnicity, mood, and head gaze
  • POE-based switches and cameras
  • NVR and cloud-based storage 

Identita provides remote biometric video surveillance to commercial businesses to reduce or eliminate onsite guard services. Identita has world-class digital remote cameras up to 40MP, remote monitoring software analytics, and perimeter intrusion technology. When the analytics detect targeted behavior, an alarm is triggered into the state-of-the-art operations center. Highly trained remote surveillance security professionals visually assess the video and speak to the subject to prevent further unwanted actions. Remote security camera solutions save money by preventing theft, inventory damage and false claims.

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