custom usb key fobs

Customise your encrypted USB Flash drives in a variety of ways to meet your organisation’s needs. Add selected features to create unique, indispensable drives

The base USB device offering:

  • ARM 733MHZ – 64MB-2GB Flash
  • Full 256bit Hardware AES 
  • ARM® TrustZone®, secure boot + storage + RAM 
  • ECC 192/384bit Hardware crypto & key storage management 
  • HS USB 2.0 HS full device emulation 
  • Full TCP/IP connection to/from USB via CDC Ethernet emulation 
  • Flash drive functionality via mass storage device emulation 
  • Serial communication over USB or physical UART 
  • Complete firmware stack with pseudo-OS drive/directory management with secure encrypted API access to the keys/storage on either Windows or MAC/Linux 

Just as important are the benfits that security convergence brings to the organizations that make the changes: 

  • Secure medical records storage 
  • Online/offline law enforcement records management
  • Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System 
  • Next Generation Identification 
  • Interstate/Interprovincial/Cross-border Identification Index 
  • Law Enforcement National Data Exchange 
  • National Instant Criminal Background Check System 
  • Run any client application with zero footprint deployment 
  • Portable penetration testing platform router for end-to-end VPN tunneling 
  • Password manager with integrated web server electronic wallet (e.g. pocket Bitcoin wallet) 
  • Authentication token

Secure USB Key Profile1 Secure USB Key Profile2

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